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Festivals & Events

Keeping the tills ringing even with no phone signal

Festivals and events depend on reliable wifi for many reasons, but often struggle once customers arrive and saturate all the local phone masts.

FilmWifi has the solution to this with our tried-and-tested super-fast satellite internet services, which ensure that bars, restaurants, box offices, production villages and concessions have a rock solid wifi connection that provides a reliable service for card machines and cashless transactions.

FilmWifi also offers an insurance service for festivals where customers pay a fixed daily price to have an engineer get your existing wifi services back up and running within 30 minutes.

The average time to restore wifi services being just 10 minutes from the engineer being notified to getting the tills ringing.

Selected clients

Client list

Wakestock 2010, Kendal Calling 2010, Y-Not 2010, Education First 2011, Lush 2011, Hop Farm 2011, Y-Not 2011, Kendal Calling 2011, Bestival 2011, Education First 2012, Education First 2013, Liz Hobbs Group 2022 x 10 festivals

Hellfire & Pier Jam 2022, Mercedes, Nike ID, Barclaycard, De Vere Hotels, Education First, Intel, Ford, Ruach Ministries, Lush, Samsung, Vitamin Water, HTC, World Sheep Dog Championship, Vauxhall, Rally FM, Gucci, H&M, Mango, Porsche, Google