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About Us

Meet the team

In 2023 our company will be truly global when we expand operations into North America, Australia, the Far East and beyond.

Kriss ‘TheDish’ Brown, Director

14 years of experience in TV and film production industry having supported over 220 productions, with 25 years’ experience in communications and satellites.

Graham, Senior Engineer

Graham is number two to Kriss and has been working for FilmWifi for seven years; he has over 30 years in the communications industry and is a fully qualified satellite engineer.

Paul, Engineer
Paul started working for FilmWifi in 2022 and already has a vast amount of experience in the production industry and has worked with satellites for 10 years.
Andy, Engineer
Andy, who has recently joined FilmWifi, has over 10 years experience in IT and will be helping to grow the company working alongside the other engineers.
Michel, Engineer
Mike started in 2022 and has been trained by FilmWifi engineers to get up to speed. Mike brings with him a wealth of film and TV experience.
Zakk, Part-Time Engineer
Zakk used to work for FilmWifi full time but has now gone down to a part-time position, so he can be at home more. Zakk currently works for BT as a fibre engineer and helps Kriss at weekends, as and when needed.

Our plan for 2023 is to go global and expand the team, so if you fancy a go at the film industry please send your CV