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Carbon Neutral

Our Mission is Low Emission Transmission

At FilmWifi we can offer a bespoke carbon neutral wifi service that works off batteries and solar power, whilst maintaining a robust, secure and fast wifi services.

Using solar power and battery storage we can operate totally off-grid, which helps us to reduce the impact on the environment wherever we operate.

No matter how remote the TV, film production or event we can ensure that there is a consistent wifi service, which is underpins the success of every production and event.

Our batteries can also be used to power Video and or DIT and enable the charging of portable devices whilst the crew are on-site.

FilmWifi has built a 4×4 wifi truck where the wifi is 100% carbon neutral; we have also signed up to a Shell fuel card service where we pay an extra 2p per litre of fuel to help off-set our vehicles’ CO2 emissions.